Stay ahead of the threats and time-sensitive events that put your business at risk.

Inattention to compliance can produce embarrassing headlines.

Fines, penalties and worse occur when your business fails to meet industry and governmental regulations. More than ever these regulations affect your IT decisions. Nearly every industry is covered and, lately, even vendors to those industries may have to meet the same requirements. 

Regulations vary greatly from industry to industry. Most are focused on protecting the privacy of personal information or ensuring that records can be trusted and are retained appropriately. Just consider that: 

  • Any organizations that store or access health care related data are subject to HIPAA provisions, not just those in the health care field. 
  • Personal information such as social security numbers, bank account numbers, or other information must be secured. Various legal requirements dictate a public announcement in the event of disclosure. 
  • Credit card data protection is regulated by PCI DSS and failure to comply may jeopardize your ability to process credit cards 
  • Many state and industry-specific regulations must be considered when choosing IT systems. 

Compliance requires IT skills and experience.

Getting compliant often requires special skill sets and the close cooperation of the IT department with other business units. And since systems are frequently updated and configurations change, maintaining compliance is an ongoing and time-consuming job.  Assistance from experienced, outside sources is essential.  

GCS Technologies is your IT partner for HIPAA, PCI, FIPSA, and more.

Whether you’re dealing with healthcare, financial, or other sensitive data, we can help. GCS manages compliance to give your business peace of mind and continuous protection. 

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