The fastest, friendly assistance for everyday small business tech support.

Full help desk services available when you need it

Our technicians become an extension of your team as your outsourced IT department. With response times usually below 30 minutes and the experience of handling tens of thousands of tickets a year, GCS IT support delivers small business tech support to keep your systems reliable and secure. 

Adapt to a changing IT world

The world of small business technical support is changing rapidly. The amount of support needed per staff member has steadily declined over the last decade. Support technicians must be able to efficiently handle the traditional Windows PCs on a Windows network, but also the Macs, iOS, Androids, remote PCs, coffee shops, etc.

In addition, there are more cloud technologies in use which require less technical support and more vendor management. 

How we're different

  • Fast Response: 90% of all GCS clients receive a response on their issue within 30 minutes or less, and 100% within an hour.

  • Fast Resolution: The GCS Network Operations Center conducts triage on all requests to ensure emergencies receive an immediate response, providing clients with regular communication on all support requests.

  • Dedicated Team: Our team-based approach ensures a close working relationship between your staff and the assigned GCS team.

Say goodbye to expensive monthly fees and long term contracts

Many small businesses consider the most important difference to be our On-Demand Model. Unlike legacy managed services options, GCS Managed IT Services enable clients to control their technology decisions and pay only as needed. By leveraging cloud technologies, our clients are more productive and pay less for technical support. 

GCS Technologies supports thousands of people across hundreds of businesses in Central Texas and beyond. Contact us today to speak with a business technology expert and improve your IT support experience.