Detect and respond to today's advanced threats and attacks.

GCS defends our clients against security threats that risk data loss or theft. 

Employees, through either negligence and malice, continue to cause the most damage to our clients. Cryptolocker defeats many anti-virus systems forcing organizations to restore large volumes of files or pay the ransom. In the last year, GCS has helped clients overcome ACH fraud, stolen credit card numbers, accidental disclosure of patient data, targeted attacks from Eastern Europe, DDoS attacks, and much more.

How secure are you?

The GCS Network Security Audit conducts a basic security audit, including a “phishing” test designed to trick staff members into clicking links in an email to determine the overall security consciousness. Also included in this assessment is a review of basic security policies, best practice configurations of the network, and a thorough internal and external penetration test.  

Get help for your IT team during security incidents

Our skilled team of technicians and engineers provide rapid remediation of security breaches hand-in-hand with our clients IT staff. GCS handles dozens of incidents a year and quickly identifies the scope, mitigates the damage using a variety of techniques, and assists clients with the recovery process. 

Get compliant fast. 

Many clients identify needed improvements following a failed compliance audit. GCS can perform necessary system and process upgrades to achieve compliance with a wide variety of federal, state, and private standards. 

Recovery quickly from breaches or outages.

Unfortunately, security breaches are all too common. Recovering from them often relies on a robust data backup system and the ability to fall back to non-compromised systems. GCS builds backup and disaster recovery solutions for our clients. Our systems have passed hundreds of real-world recovery scenarios. 

Improving security isn't complicated, just hard.

The fundamentals of security have not changed much in the last two decades. Many organizations lack budget, discipline, or desire to implement the basic security hygiene required to ward off most attacks and to defend against accusations of negligence following an attack. GCS assists our clients to reduce the frequency and severity of attacks.

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