Our assessment services evaluate the organization’s current state and identify the improvements required to achieve business objectives. 

Each assessment provides a thorough, practical appraisal of what is currently working, what isn’t, and potential areas of risk to ensure that you have a comprehensive view of the current landscape when making a decision.  

Assessments allow executive teams and IT leaders to: 

  • Make Confident Decisions: Evaluate critical decisions with customized analysis coupled with best practices using information gathered from your internal systems. Should I Insource or Outsource Staff? Add Additional Staff? Replace Management? 
  • Avoid Costly Mistakes: Ensure planning and execution are driven by data, avoiding common pitfalls identified by subject matter experts that have been there before. What is the right product to choose? Should my staff handle deployment or rely on a contractor?  
  • Achieve Rapid Results: Leverage expert-driven recommendations create a thorough roadmap to optimize your IT spending and achieve results in the fastest time possible.  What is the best choice today given the business’ 3-year growth goals?  

GCS Technologies offers a range of assessments to recalibrate operations and make data-driven decisions. Common assessment services performed include: 

Network Assessment 

Resolve persistent outages, overwhelmed IT staff, and avoid catastrophic losses with GCS’ Network Assessment. A combination of automated inventorying and performance logging tools capture critical network data. Reviews of data backup, recovery, and security systems spotlight often unseen problems.  

Cloud Readiness Assessment 

Cloud technologies promise to avoid large cash outflows while procuring needed technology upgrades, reduce IT support costs, and deploy new technologies much faster. However many transitions to cloud experience huge cost overruns or poor staff adoption. GCS’ Cloud Readiness Assessment combines the Network Assessment with a deep dive into the applications and staff requirements to determine if the cloud is an option and its best usage in your organization. 

Security Assessment 

A security incident can be catastrophic to the companies and their executives that suffer them. Nearly every week the headlines report on companies that spend millions of dollars per year on security being breached and the resulting consequences. Our Security Assessment conducts a basic security audit including a “phishing” test designed to trick staff members into clicking links in an email to determine the overall security consciousness.

Also included in this assessment is a review of basic security policies, best practice configurations of the network, and a thorough internal and external penetration test paired with findings and recommendations. 

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