360-degree visibility for your entire network.

When unexpected network slowdowns or outages occur rapid identification of the problem and immediate communication with our clients must occur. The GCS Network Operations Center (NOC) monitors thousands of devices, connections, and systems as well as serves as the primary point of contact for all technical support requests. The NOC enables GCS to offer the fastest response times in the industry while ensuring excellent communication with clients.

We average a 94% response rate within 30 minutes to regular priority support tickets.

The NOC is a dedicated team of rapid response technicians that proactively monitor your network and execute the support and communication processes that put GCS in a class by ourselves for technical support quality. Benefits of our comprehensive network management include: 

  • Triage and Emergency Resolution: Not all problems are equal. The NOC triages all problems accord to emergencies and non-emergencies. Our three-tier emergency system prioritizes network outages, VIPs, and recurrences of non-emergencies above normal requests.  
  • Performance Management: By reviewing all open tickets in real time the NOC identifies any tickets that are not meeting our service level commitments. They address these rare situations with the managers to ensure consistent, high customer service quality. 
  • Primary Contact Point: All support requests are routed through the NOC to ensure high-quality responses. This ensures low hold times (average less than 1 second) and that the appropriate processes are followed no matter how busy our technicians and engineers may be. This works during outages as well when the NOC updates our clients on behalf of technicians who are busy resolving the problem. 

Our Network Operations Center allows us to prevent downtime, improve response times, and keep our clients updated while our technical staff are busy resolving the issue. 

To experience how much the GCS Network Operations Center improves the technical support experience, contact us today.